Friday, April 20, 2012

Coupon Challange #2

So it time to get started making are lives SIMPLE and Save LOTS of Money...

First things first... WHERES THE COUPONS AT???

The Sunday Paper is the best place to find coupons. The best thing to do is get multiple copies of the Sunday paper.. so call up all your friends and family and tell them to SAVE THAT PAPER for you!

You can go here for a sneak peak of what will be in the Sunday Paper.. Sunday Coupon Preview

You can also find TONS of printable coupons online.. from my research here are some
great spots to start printing coupons from:

                                                 Coupon Network                   Cool Savings
                                                                                    Red Plum
                                                    Smart Source                   All You Printable
                                                 Wyeth Printable          
                                                                 Snack Picks

You can also print tons of coupons from, also a great source of coupon info!

We also must KNOW OUR COUPONS!!!

There are Manufacture Coupons and Store Coupons. Knowing the difference is important, also knowing what  is important on the coupon and where its at is very important!

Familiarize yourself with each type and learn where all the important information is, such as:

Photo Credit
  • expiration date
  • redemption value & terms
  • consumer terms
  • barcode
  • also learn the lingo.... go HERE for a coupon lingo lesson

All these things are important to know, so you can later learn how to maximize your
 coupons by stacking them! (that will be another posts though)


Coupon Challenge Link Up Rules:

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(coupon clipping tips, tricks, challenges, information, etc)

3) Link to your individual post, and not to your blog home page.

4) Link back to our Weekly 'Coupon Challenge' posts.
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