Friday, April 13, 2012

Coupon Challenge Intro

Join me in trying out the new craze...

I will be attempting to save lots of money by clipping coupons,
and I invite you to try to save with me.

I have NEVER clipped a coupon in my life, so the whole thing is very new for me..
 I just always thought the little money I would be saving wasnt worth the time I would be spending,
 but I see more and more people that not only save BIG, but spend NOTHING!!

So, I figured it was about time that I got in on it.
Like I said I have NEVER done this before, so this is all trial by error,
but I welcome you to follow and learn from the mistakes im sure I will make haha.
And ofcourse try it with me and link your progress, tips, & tricks to the Coupon Challenge posts!

There are TONS of great coupon sites and blogs out there, but I really
like so I will be getting most my info
and help from their, and a few other places too!

All 'Coupon Challenge' posts will be on Fridays, so get the button below and make sure you come back every friday until we are all coupon experts (well atleast get the grasp of it)

So join me, and get your readers in on the fun too, and we will all start
saving, saving, saving and making are lives Totally Simple.


Coupon Challenge Link Up Rules:

1) Coupon Challenge is open to anyone with a blog that wants to take the challenge too.

2) Links must be coupon related.
(coupon clipping tips, tricks, challenges, information, etc)

3) Link to your individual post, and not to you blog home page.

4) Link back to our Weekly 'Coupon Challenge' posts.
I reserve the right to delete those link that dont adhere.
(you are welcome to our Blog Button OR Link Party Button)



  1. Hello, stopping by from the blog hop till you drop hop! I can't link up with your hop, I don;t have a couponing blog :) Happy blog hopping! Hope to see you at my blog soon!

    1. Well this isn't a coupon blog either, just a blog trying out couponing lol! I will be stopping by your blog soon!

  2. Good luck. I did one once.

    Stopping by from the Friday hop to say hello. Have a great weekend!

    1. I love your blog.. its gunnabe a great resource for me while I attemptt o become a couponer!!

      I hope you decide to link up some of your great posts throughout the coupon challenge weeks (every friday)

      I know everyone would LOVE to read them!!!

  3. Thank you so much for following my blog. I'm returning the favor.

    A Mommy's Blog Design

  4. Found you thru the blog hop!
    I don't have a coupon site. But I do have a frugal site where I do post about coupons.
    Hope you come over and say hello!

    1. You don't have to be a coupon blog, I'm not! Feel free to link up the posts you did about coupons, thats what tts for!

  5. found you through a blog hop. glad i found your site. love a coupon challenge! I'm going to read the rules and join on in!

    Stop by also -

    Thx. Julie

    1. So exciting, glad you found me, I'm headed over to your blog now to snoop around!


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