Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dinning Room Organization

I have a hutch, buffet, and hope chest/bench in my dinning room that seems to be the
 catch all for EVERYTHING that doesnt really have a home in our house,
and we just through the stuff into the drawers and cabinets, and NOT neatly!

So I figured it was about time to get it organized... here are my before and afters:


(TOP SHELF :all the boxes for things that you need the keep the boxes for
[my cameras, phones, ipad, etc] & our change counter
BOTTOM SHELF: board games, card games, and gift supplies [tissue paper, bows, & ribbon]


(this is where i keep my packing supplies for photos, and orders that are ready to be delivred)


( stores my embroidery machine supplies.. thread & interfacing,
 and jewelry supplies.. beads, wire, krimper, etc) 

 (I for got to take a before picture of the bottom drawer, but this is all the stuff that came out of it)
(theres a spot for our stickers, stencils, paints, and other craft supplies)

                                                                                                            (stores our TONS of paper)
                                                                                                             (stores more craft supplies)

                                                                                                (now homes our many photo albums)
                                                                                              (stores the picture frames currently not
                                                                                                being used, I may have an obsession)

 (I forgot to take a before photo of the inside, but it had table colths, sweatshirts,
stuffed animals, wires galore, and other random things thrown in there)

(now it has table linens of the left and a box to hold all the
random wires that I know if I get rid of we will need)

Finally a dinning room that I can find whatever I want it.. it hasnt been
organized EVER and we have lived here over 2 years now, so it was about time!

Do you have an awesome Before and After organized Dinning Room??
 I would love to see it!Email me pics (or a link to a post if you've blogged about it)
and you could be features on My Totally Simple Life!


  1. Visiting from Rub Some Dirt on It. I need more "after" in my life. These are excellent ideas. Going to click around on your site to get more inspired!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

    1. Dont we all!!!! I am gradually going room by room till my house is down (and them Im sure Ill want to do it over again changing things haha)

      Glad you found me, Im headed to your blog now!

  2. When are you coming to my house? I could use some some help on organized things too, especially my crafty stuff....which is my next big project this coming week. It always feels more peaceful in the house to have everything organized. Your area looks great! Thanks for showing off your space at my party this week!

    1. Craft stuff always seems difficult, because you want to be able to see what you have and get to it easily.. but still look nice and put away! Thats why i put most of my stuff in the drawers in different containers, so I can tke out the container i want and put it back where its all hidden when i am done!

  3. Nice and tidy! Love the before and after shots, I always forget the before so I never post these simple upgrades. Found you at Cozy Home Scenes.


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