Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Entry Way DIY

I am so excited to tell you about me latest DIY project!
Using draw knobs in my entry way to hang up our coats, bags, hats, etc...

My entry way is just a long skinny place between a wall and the stairs, so there
 is no room for a cute peice of furniture, or bench, or if you want walk to the end, not even
 hooks that come out to far.. so this is a great way to maximize all of the space I have!

This project is so incredibly easy (with a little help from hubby) and  your kids can even help too!

  Gather Your Supplies
  • Wodden Knobs (i bought the 10 pack at walmart)
  • Bolt cutters
  • Drill
  • Paint (color/s of your choice)
YEP thats all you need... easy already Right?!

   Decide how many knobs you want in your entry way, foyer, or mudroom... and paint them the color/s of your choice. (this is where the kids can help)
(I have 7 knobs and mine are a dark green, brown, and dark red..
so they match the colors in the living room)

   Cut the heads off the screws that came with your knobs with a bolt cutter.

   Decide where you want to hang each Knob and pre-drill your hole.

(mine are placed at different hights down the wall, this way my daughter can reach
her stuff easily and me and my husband can reach our stuff easily)

   Hang the knobs. Just screw half of screw into the wall and then screw on the knob to the other half.

(if there is not a stud where you place your knob use a wall anchor)
There you have it, a beautiful entry way, and organized to!

Do you have a great entry way?? Or another unique idea for hanging up your belongings??
Please let me know... email it to and your idea or entry
 way could be spotlighted here on 'My Totally Simple Life'

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  1. This is a great tip for utlizing every square inch of your home. My brother used to have a home with a wall like this, but we never figured out a good place to hang coats by the door. I'll remember this idea if someone I know has a house like this again.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Your Cozy Home Party this week. Hope to see you again next week Amber.


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