Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Toddler Tuesday

My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and she just LOVES to learn!!
So, I have started taking a little time each day for FUN and EDUCATIONAL
activites, and she just loves this time of day!

Today we started with her ABCs puzzle.
This puzzle is great because you cant put it together just by looking at the shapes, you have to know the order of the letters in the alphabet for all the peices to fit correctly.

(for kids just starting to learn their ABCs here is a great alternative: My Printable ABC Puzzle)

Then, we did some Art!
Kaidynce loves to paint, draw, and color... so art time is her favorite and keeps her
creative so we always take time to do some sort of art activity.

And lastly, we did some cutting and glueing!
This is her all time favorite, she just loves the scissors, haha
(but what kid doesnt right?!) It is also great for her Fine Motor Skills.
I just made some squares on a paper and put the letters of her name in them, she cut them out and glued them onto another peice of paper! (this also helps her learn how to spell her name)
These were just some of todays activities, sometimes we do alot more
on the educational side, and sometimes its all fun HAHA, but your child will
love having fun and spending good, quality time with you!

Check back Next Tuesday to see what K Rae is up to!

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