Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toddler Tuesday

This Tuesday We Worked on our Numbers...

First We did dome cutting out of number 0-9 (times two)
 (I had to help her hold the paper at times, so she didnt cut her lil fingers,
but I was very proud of her)

After They were all cut out she put them in order,
and then matched them up!

Next We played some cashier.
 I put price tags on her smaller toys and she would ring
them up by typing the number into the cash register.
(plus it was fun, she had no idea she was learning her numbers)

Then we started learned the Letter A,
we are going to start working on a letter a week.
(learning the letter, how to to write in in capitol and lower case form,
and what sort of things start with that letter)

Finally we had some fun by playing in her Kitchen...
She made me lunch!

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