Friday, May 4, 2012

Coupon Challenge #4


Knowing the store's coupon policy is a must to be successful at couponing,
so here are some steps to follow to make sure you are ready to coupon!

1. Pick a store. Learn one store at a time, each store is a little different so don't try to learn them all at once. Learn one and then move on to another until you know them all by heart. Also be aware if/when their coupon policy may change!

2. Print the store’s policy. Make sure you print off the store;s coupon policy (or obtain one directly from the store) and keep it in your Coupon Binder, or whatever system you decided to use to organize your coupons. Most coupon policies can be found on the stores website.

3. Take the policy with you. Make sure you have the store's coupon policy with you when you are shopping. If you come into a problem at the checkout it is very handy to have it with you and correct issues fast and easily.

4. Learn about Rain Checks. A Rain Check is a slip of paper provided by the store when a sale item is out of stock. It authorizes you to come back when the item is in stock again and buy it at the sale price. Rain Check policies vary by store, so learn your store’s rules.

Now that you know the policy, all you need to know is WHEN to shop!
Becoming a successful couponer doesn't always mean you have the best coupons, but that
you know when to use them. Here's some guidelines to help you save the most when couponing.

1. Use coupons on current sales & promotions. The key is to wait until a product goes on sale and then add a coupon to it for maximum savings. Almost all stores run a weekly ad with new savings. Match those awesome sales up with the coupons you have and you have just scored an AMAZING deal.

2. Double Coupons. You may have heard of stores 'doubling' coupons, this means they will accept a coupon at double its face value (ex: if you have a $1 off coupon they will double it and make it a $2 off coupon) If you find a store that does this, or runs a double promotion jump on it, this is a great way to save big.

3. Stack your Coupons. This just means using one manufacture coupon AND one store coupon on a product. This will allow you to save the most.



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  1. Thank you for this information! I really try hard to use coupons and save as much as I can.


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