Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY Mothers Day Gifts

Since Mother's Day is this Sunday I decided to do a post on DIY Mother's Day Gifts!
Mother's love anything you make especially for them, so you cant go wrong with a DIY gift..
 it is also a great way to save money.

Gift #1:  DIY Wreath
This is an amazing gift by helana and ali!
I know that this is a gift I would LOVE to recieve for mother's day!

Gift #2: DIY Body Scrub
Does your mom deserve to be pampered, but you cant afford to send her to the spa?
Then this body scrub from Hey Gorgeous would be a wonderful gift for her.

This gift by pink pistachio would make a wonderful gift for any mother. And you can even add bonus gifts to the front pocket.. like her favorite chocolate bar, small cookbook, or kitchen utensils.

Gift #4: Teacup Candle
My mother has a thing for pretty little tea cups,
so this gift idea from Hey Gorgeous I knew she would just love.

There are so many printable mom quotes on the web, like this one from Our Thrifty Ideas, or you can make your very own. Frame it and wrap it up for unique, personalized mother's day gift.

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My Totally Simple Life

Do you have an awesome mothers day gift idea??
I would love to know what it is!
(you could even be featured on MTSL)


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my mom printable! I use it myself as a daily reminder that I don't have to have the "perfect house" to have the perfect life!

    1. I am already planning to make myself one, and put in the foyer to remind me and everyone that come into my house haha!


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