Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photo Tips: Part 2

To Recall what we talked about on
Photo Tips: Part 1 of Making Your Everyday Photos Better go HERE.

Here are the photos again as well....

                                                        BAD PHOTO                           GOOD PHOTO

This Week I Will Talk About Flash:

It’s easy to look at the first photo and see that a flash fired when I used my on-camera flash when I took the picture. The second picture appears to use natural light or at least more skillful flash use. The Bad photo has Keelan much brighter than his background, with white areas on his forehead and cheek. The flash has cast a shadow on the right side of the photo, it’s just not pretty.

One of the most basic pieces of advice when it comes to lighting for snapshots: turn off your flash whenever possible. There are many cameras that fire a flash in almost any indoor setting, and many times it isn’t needed. Turn off your flash and see what happens. Your indoor evening photos will probably look warmer (more yellow/orangey), but that can be welcome, since it is more likely how you remember the scene.

Flash light is harsh and unflattering. When you can control it, it’s better to have more even lighting for your family pictures (near a window, under shade, or outside on a cloudy day).

If you are interested in learning how to use flash skillfully stick around for
are future photo tips post (I will be covering it in a couple weeks)

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