Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo Tips: Part 3

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'How to Make Your Day to Day Photography Better"

And the photos again...

                                                         Bad Photo                              Good Photo

Simple Tip: It’s called “portrait” orientation for a good reason

It’s right there in the name, yet the vast majority of snapshots of people are
horizontal (probably because it’s easier to hold the camera that way). A very easy way
to improve most of your compositions is to turn the camera, remembering that
 "portrait orientation is for people, landscape oreintation is for landscapes.”

People are tall and thin, so they fill the frame better when the photo is vertical.
 In the bad photo, Keelan doesn’t fill the picture. He is the subject, but he’s not the focus.
 In the good photo, Keelan fills the frame.

Now for the fun part..
Finding ways to break this rule can lead to very interesting compositions. Most of the time landscape orientation portraits are showing a beautiful landscape, like this portrait:

Close-ups can be very interesting, though, too, because it usually
leads to cropping the face in an unexpected way:

If you’re going to use a horizontal orientation, though, it’s important to remember to watch
 your composition and remember Tip #1, GET CLOSE! You most likely will be creating
some white or empty space, so you’ll want to make sure that space really is white (eg. not full
of clutter.. lamp, furniture, toys, etc) and that you utilize the rule of thirds to keep things interesting.

For More of the rule of thirds Check Out The Next Photo Tips Post.


  1. Picture taking is always something I need to improve, so I need all the help I can get. Thank you for the great tips and for sharing them at Your Cozy Home Party. I'm going to add thest to StumbleUpon so more people can see them.

    1. Thanks!!! Ill have to check that out, never heard of it!


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