Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yard Sale Day

Today was our Town Wide Yard Sale Day, so naturally me, my mom, and my daughter were on the look out for some great finds! I thought I would share what I got with yall!!

My daughter just LOVES books, but as you know books arent cheap so finding all these books, in FANTASTIC condition for only 25cents each was AWESOME!!

Basket, Magazine Rack & Coat Rack with Shelf
these will be used in my daughters new play house we are currently working on..

The coat rack with shlef will be painted before hung next to the door in the play house.


I have been looking for a set of china since I got married, but never found any that I love, that I could afford. Most china is all floral patterns, at least the kind you find a good deal on... but I found this AWESOME Retro Design Pattern China from Western Germany (I am german so this was neat for me too) .. I absolutely LOVE it, and the best part is how many peices there are...
 ALL of it for only $38 at an Tag Sale.

I got a few other miscellaneous items, but these were my big buys that
I was quite proud of, and just thought I would share!


  1. what great deals! I esp love that white magazine basket. I love yard sale season too.

    1. i loved that too, and it was only $2.. i LOVE yard sale season too, awesome finds!


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