Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mini Cabinet Clean Out & Organization

I set out to clean up the cabinets that hold my baking stuff, snacks, and my daughters plates, bowls, cups, etc... We have VERY limited cabinet space so that is why this cabinet has to hold all three. I would love for all my daughters stuff to have its own cabinet, but its just not possible in my kitchen...

Anyways, I had recently read a post on  blog.familybringsjoy.com about Audible.. 
and how listening to a book while cleaning or doing unpleasant tasks can make it more enjoyable. 
They offer a trial period and 1 free book, so I thought why wouldn't I try it. right?!

All I can say is, AWESOME IDEA! I find myself wanting to the things I normally put off and doing them more often because I want to 'hear' more of my book. I only let myself listen to it while I'm cleaning, or folding laundry, or doing things I normally don't like to do.. that way it makes me want to do it.

So before I stated my cabinet clean out and organization project, 
I went and got my phone and started my audible app!

Here is my before.. as you can see, it was all just ind of thrown in there.. stuff stuck wherever it would fit :(

Now, even though this still isn't ideal for me, its much better. 
Kaidynce's stuff on bottom shelf, snacks on the second shelf, and baking and spices on the third shelf.

This is my mini cabinet makeover.. but I will be doing much more cabinet organizations soon, 
so I can hear my book :) , so check back often!


  1. I have been listening to books for a couple of years now on my I-pod , now my iPhone while working, cleaning, most library's have free down loads of audio books

    1. I have tried to find the audio books I like to read at the library and have difficulty finding them. Most of the ones they have are the classics...if you like those by all means get your audio book for free. Otherwise, if you like the newer more recent releases, most of the time audible is the best way to find them {& the most reasonable way money wise.} Sometimes I look at it this way, I'd rather pay $11 or whatever the cost of the audio book than pay $60 for a housekeeper to clean my house.

  2. Amber, I am thrilled you are sharing this idea on your site! I know it's not necessarily a 'new' one, but for me it has been a true life saver. I loathe doing mundane routine tasks. Listening to a good book does make it more fun. I'm glad you're not listening to your book unless you are working. Because this will motivate you to do more. I do the same with my running music. I only listen to certain songs while running so I don't get bored with them. I hope maybe one day to start an audio book club so we can talk about the books we read together. Thanks again for your feature. I'm grateful to get to know you better. :D Have a super day!

  3. I say much better. Dont you love it when you get all those lil things done.


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