Monday, June 25, 2012

Top 3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

This is a recycled post from my photography blog from last year, 
but since it is Wedding Season I thought I would do a 
couple posts on finding the right Wedding photographer for you!

This post  I will focus on the Top 3 Tips to help you 
find the Right Wedding photographer for you!!

First, look at STYLE. There are all types of photographers. Do you prefer traditional or modern? Very Posed or Photo journalistic? Bright and vibrant colors or muted tones? or a more vintage look? It’s important to find a photographer that provides the STYLE of images that you are attracted to. Now, it’s completely okay to like more than one style – I do! In that case, take a look at what your wedding is going to look like. Are you going for a romantic feel? Vintage might be more your style. Are you putting lots of color into your theme and really want those colors to stand out in your images? Then you might want to go with a photographer whose work portrays that look.

Second, find a photographer that you enjoy spending time with and that makes you feel comfortable. You are going to spend the most important day of your life with this person, so make sure it’s someone you don’t mind being around! Trust me, whether or not you are comfortable with the person behind the camera WILL show in your images!

Third, if you have to cut your budget somewhere, cut it someplace other than photography. Now, most people say, “Of course you’re going to say that – you’re a photographer!” But the truth is, your photos are the only things that you are going to have to remember your day ten, twenty, fifty years from now. If you find a photographer you ABSOLUTELY LOVE, ask them if there is any way they can work with you – maybe they have a payment plan available. Maybe you can order your album for your one-year anniversary instead of including it in your wedding package. Saving $100 here or there on various facets of the wedding can quickly add up a significant savings that can be applied toward your dream photographer and photography package!

Friday I will tell you What 10 Questions You Should
Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer! 

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