Friday, June 29, 2012

What Should I Ask Before I Book My Wedding Photographer?

Finding and Meeting with photographers can be very stressful for 
Brides-to-Be, so I have listed the 10 questions you should ALWAYS ask 
before booking any photographer for your big day!

Some Brides just dont know what they need to ask, or dont think to ask 
until after they have already put down a deposit, so this post is 
to help you be more prepared when meeting with any photographer.

Question 10: Are you available for my wedding date?
This is a given obviously, but very important, you dont want to spend tons of time talking to and getting excited about a certain photographer if they're are not available for your wedding date.

Question 9: Will YOU be the one taking my pictures? If not, can I meet the photographer that will be?
It is very important to meet the person the actually will be doing your photography before the day of your wedding. You want to make sure their personality fits with yours and that they will be easy to work with and able to give direction.

Question 8: Can I See A Full Wedding?
Most of the time (myself included) photographers select their favorite shots from each wedding to display on the sites for people to see, but it is important to ask to see a full wedding so you know exaclty what you will be getting when you view your final wedding. (ex: I offer to give my clients the username and password to past weddings so they can view the etire wedding online)

Question 7: Will You Have An Assistant? What will they be doing?
Most photographers have an assistant, because shooting a wedding is a BIG job to do alone. Whether that assistant will actually be shooting or not its important to find out, if they are, ask about their experience and if they will be taking any main/important shots.

Question 6: Can we arrange to do an Engagment Shoot first?
Engagement shoots are like a trial-run to see how well your photographer works with you, If they fit or if your personalities clash. You also find out how each other work and can make the wedding day photos go so much smoother. (click here to read why an engagement shoot is so important)

Question 5: What is your Turn-Around time?
Its important to know how long after the wedding you will be waiting before you recieve your images, albums, prints, etc. Time can vary based on different factors, but you need to be comfortable with whatever that time is.

Question 4: Are you easy to get along with?
This may not be a question you directly ask your photographer but may use several questions to find this out about them. Talking to your photographer and scheduling an engagement shoot can really help you find this out. You will spend your ENTIRE wedding day with this person so its important that they are easy to get along with and do NOT stress you out!

Question 3: How long have you been shooting weddings?
Find out how experienced they are in wedding photography. It is very different than even portrait photography... you cant re-shoot or redo a wedding.. they have 1 chance to get the shoot! You need to feel comfortable and trust that your photographer can do that!

Question 2: Do You have back-ups for ALL of your Equipment?
This is VERY important!! You should always ask if they have back-ups for ALL their equipment, that means Cameras, Flashes, Stands, Umbrellas (if used), Lenses, Cords, Brackets, Etc... you need to know that if something fails or brakes on the day of that you are still covered!

Question 1: What is your Photography Style?
Find out if their photography style matches yours. If they shoot mainly traditional and you dont like traditional then you probably aren't a good fit. You can usually tell this by looking at their photos and talking to them, but its always good to see what they say and make sure your visions match up!

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