Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why Do I Need an Engagement Session?

When I meet with my couples, I often hear, “Oh, we don’t really need an engagement session.” Or, “My friend’s mom's uncle took some pictures of us, so we are just going to use those for our engagement photos, so we don’t need to have professional pictures.” 

Wait a Minute, Missy (or Mister!)! There ARE reasons you should DEFINITELY consider doing an engagement session with your wedding photographer! 

   Getting to know your photographer and becoming comfortable in front of the camera. You don’t want to still feel awkward and uncomfortable either with your photographer or just in front of the camera on the day of your wedding. This is a good time to see how your photographer interacts with you during the session as well. Does she give you a lot of direction? What does she mean when she says this or that? Finding a groove that works for all three of you is a big step in making your images look natural and un-posed. 

     Your wedding day is NOT the day you want to find out that you don’t like the way you look from this angle or that angle.During your engagement session, your photographer will probably catch shots of you from various angles and in different poses to find out what works best for you and your fiance. While you may like all of the shots captured, you might find that if your hair is parted on one side, you prefer to be photographed from that side or the other. It’s important to tell your photographer if you do have a preference so that when s/he is planning out the private session for the two of you on the wedding day, that information can be incorporated into the plan. 

Finally, you’re looking toward your photographer to provide your home’s ART. You’re not always dressed up in a wedding dress, so shouldn’t your home art reflect that? Make your session about something you enjoy doing together, at a location that’s important to you, or just get AWESOME photos of you just being yourselves. If you have specific places in your home you’re hoping to hang some artwork, be sure to let your photographer know. Maybe s/he can suggest the perfect portrait or collection for above the sofa, on the mantle, or to stagger up the staircase. After all, that IS what we specialize in

 (this was a recycled post of MINE that I wrote for my photography blog)

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