Thursday, July 26, 2012

Freezer Clean Out & Organization

I finally cleaned out my freezer... It was pretty bad, we dont really keep a lot of frozen stuff, so I was ashamed that it was so full it was hard to open.. whoops!

Are freezer is a pull out drawer at the bottom of the fridge, so space is tight anways, but this was ridiculous!

(bad I know.. that luigis box was EMPTY, dont you just hate that!!)
(just added a container to put all are popsicles & other treats in and get rid on all the boxes)

(we had so much food that was freezer burn :\ yikes)
(much, much better)

I guess I need to go grocery shopping haha, but this is usually all that is in our freezer at a time any ways maybe more popsicles & treats :)

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