Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flower Girl Hair Peice

Kaidynce Rae will be a flower girl this month, and the bride has this 
beautiful hairpiece so of course K Rae needed one too Right?!

This is what I came up with.. what do you think?
I Just Love It and It Looks SO Cute on K Rae, I Will Add a Photo with It on Her Later..

Kaidynce Rae's hair is very thin and the piece alone was a bit to heavy to stay in, 
so I had to put in on a headband.. but I think I love it even more on the Head Band and its more 
comfortable for K Rae (and I dont have to worry about fixing it all night)

I considered doing a tutorial but wasn't sure if anyone wanted to know how to make it haha... 
if there is interested I will show you how I made it

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